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Business Advising Services

Professional financial, administrative and operational guidance

Determine sound management policies; analyze your financial results, benchmark with your peers. The operational plan, while intended to act as a guiding beacon, is also meant to be flexible. An operational plan can be written as an overall general business guidance, but also can and should be broken down into a yearly plan every 12 months.

  • Overall guidance — An operational plan helps a business management team be proactive in their management objectives. Instead of reacting to business circumstances and crises as they happen, an operational plan helps influence and speed up decision making.
  • Business model — What is the policy or process for ordering supplies? Who does the quality checks? Who's in charge of sales? The operational plan will be your business model for the entire process of business from initial marketing through production all the way to final sale.
  • Manage tasks — A business must have a goal or goals, and to reach those goals, individual tasks must be met. Use the operational plan to help keep the business on track with its milestones.
  • Track business progress — Without a plan, there is no way to know how the business is meeting goals. At points during the year, management should sit down to evaluate how the business is progressing on its operational plan. Are the tasks being met on time? Is there a need to re-evaluate and modify the plan?

Business performance improvement

In today’s competitive environment, businesses must strive to streamline processes and leverage technology to achieve effective change management. This includes process improvements for financial processes, integrating risk considerations into performance management activities, and reducing working capital. Implementing these processes result in improvements to cash flow, control and optimization of costs, and risk management.

Expansion consultation

If you are an existing business, and are seeking expansion or advising regarding improving your business operations, North Bay Business Advisors can help. If you're looking to expand or take on new investors we can assist your business in tackling these issues head-on and determine the next steps to take your company forward.

Risk management

The experts at North Bay Business Advisors can help you identify risks, determine your company’s vulnerability for each risk, prepare contingency plans, acquire the right types of insurance and monitor and adapt as needed.

Some of the initial risks to think about are:

  • Property losses — typically occur from physical damage, loss of use and/or criminal activity.
  • Business interruption losses – occurs if your business stops selling for some reason (say because of a fire). In addition to the property losses incurred, the company would not be able to produce goods and sell them. This “interruption in your business activities” can be protected.
  • Liability losses — refer to legal liability for damages or injury caused to others by your company.
  • Key person losses — refer to the costs associated with an important employee or owner becoming sick, disabled or dying. The impact of a key person loss on a small business can be catastrophic.
  • Injury to employees — refers to the costs associated with an employee becoming injured while at work.

Accounting software setup

North Bay Business Advisors will help you select an accounting software to use, setup a start date, find and assemble all of your business records, setup your general ledger accounts and enter transactional data.

Payroll setup

Let North Bay Business Advisors setup your business' payroll. We'll help you apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, register for state taxes, determine your State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) rate, buy Workers Comp Insurance (required in most states) and post required notices and posters around the workplace.

On your employee's first day we'll file a signed Federal W-4 form for tax withholding (available here) and file a signed State W-4 form ( available here). Soon after your new employee begins working we'll file a signed I-9 form for work eligibility verification (within 3 days) and register your new employee in California's New Hire Reporting Program (within 20 days).

If getting new employees set up on payroll sounds complicated, you’re not alone. Let North Bay Business Advisors take care of your small to medium sized business' payroll setup.


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